Say “YES” to thorough background checks on tenants!

A complete background check is worth waiting for.  A rental investment can be a high risk and financially draining without the proper steps.

Complete Management Services believes in going above and beyond in what we offer and not taking short cuts. Our goal is to make your rental investment as stress free as possible by tenant screening. Offering owners a complete background check is one of the many things we offer to assist owners in the rental process.

WHY is the application process a very important part of securing a tenant?

1st: Charging an application fee shows that an interested party is serious about wanting to rent your property and willing to pay the expense of an application fee {these range from 25-50 on average}.

2nd: This allows you to find out what you need to know about who will be living in your rental investment. Making sure they can afford the monthly rent, have no criminal activities that are of concern, and have a good previous housing record.

3rd: It allows you to make an educated decision on if you want to approve an application or deny {based on fair housing regulations}.

Using a background company that specializes in background checks is what we at Complete Management believe in. The agency we use completes a rental background {complete with evictions, late fees, damages, and MORE}, credit detail, employer verification which confirms dates of employment as well as monthly income, and finally a criminal search. This process is completed in 2-3 days depending on how responsive employers and prior rental communities are to the credit agency.

Things to be aware of:

  1. Tenants that want to give you a deposit and avoid application process.
  2. Tenants that don’t want to provide you with a complete application such as addresses, accounts, employers and social security numbers.
  3. Tenants that only want a background ran on one tenant {the main provider/ lease holder}. Be consistent-require background checks on all occupants over the age of 18 who will be residing in the rental.
  4. Tenants that have to move same day and can’t wait for a complete background. Have they been evicted?

Complete Management Services is a Rental service/ Property Management company that wants to help you protect your investment.

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