You Have Rental Investment Choices!

You as an owner and investor also have to keep budget in mind. Complete Management Services works with owners to help them achieve their budget goal. Everyone likes to have choices. Our company offers choices.

Your Choices Are:

  1. Tenant placement only. Some owners/landlords just need someone to help market and show the property and get all the documents signed. However once the tenant is found they like to deal with the day to day management on their own.
  2. Tenant placement and day to day management. This option is where landlords/owners are hands off and Complete Management Services deals with everything from the marketing and showings to securing the tenant. Collecting of rent, renewals, inspections, city registrations and reports are also included.
  3. Vendors. If we manage and you have certain companies or vendors you would like to complete work on your property. We are able to work with them, provided they are licensed and insured this is no issue.
  4. “Ala Carte.” Services for an agreed upon price. Some owners/landlords like to manage their own however at times are not able to accommodate the timing on move in/out or inspections or dealing with maintenance etc. We offer to be a point of contact to help when owners/ landlords are too busy to do what is necessary to keep their property running smooth.
  5. We also work with owners on leases. Our goal is to get the lease term you desire and not have the renewal time happen at a slower time of year. Whether it is 9, 12, 15, 18 or 2 years –your goal is our goal.

There are many companies to choose from ranging from very large to very small. As an owner you have to find a fit that works for you. Our company is small and caters to smaller investors who want good communication and to be involved in their investment property. We take great pride in having run a successful rental and Property Management company for 13+ years. Learn more about our Property Management Services here >

The Complete Management Services team specializes in property management in the Minneapolis – St. Paul area, and Twin Cities suburbs. In addition, our team members are knowledgeable on greater MN and areas including St. Cloud, Albertville – St. Michael and Monticello. Call us or email for more information today!