How to choose the RIGHT Rental Agent or Property Rental Company to find a tenant

How do you know you are choosing the right property rental agent for your home or property?

Choosing a company or agent to help with selecting tenants for your rental property can be stressful – you want to work with an individual that truly cares about your needs. Asking some specific questions will ensure that there is a good communication connection between you and the agent you choose to work with.

Questions to ask when interviewing property rental companies or agents:

1. What company do they use for their background checks and do they provide a THOROUGH check to include income verification, rental history, employment history and criminal history? Does it include a nationwide search? If they say they get completed reports in 24 hours or less this does not include a thorough check-full background checks take 2-3 business days to get completed reports and are worth the wait.

2. Are they members of the NARPM? This is the National Association of Residential Property Managers.

3. Do they know if your City requires any rental registration? Are there any city ordinances you need to be aware of?

4. How often will you hear from your agent? Once a week? Every showing? How quick will they respond to your questions, needs? 24 hours or less is what I would say is good customer service. Are they available on weekends for your questions? Evenings? The rental business is not Monday through Friday 9-5 –renters and owners need to be able to reach the agent at all hours.

5. Are they a member of a local Real Estate Association? Are they a member of the MLS?

6. Do they provide completed lease paperwork in their service?

7. Once the lease is signed-are they available for questions? This is VERY important-many owners have questions; concerns etc. throughout a lease and need to call their agent for suggestions on how to handle situations. Will this cost you additional or is it included?

8. How long have they been in business? Are they able to provide references?

9. If you want to cancel the contract –what cost/ obligations do you have?

10. Can you choose who to approve to live in your home or do they approve or deny? Do they explain Fair Housing and what you can and cannot do as far as showings, applications and overall process of selecting a qualified tenant?

11. If you decide to invest in additional properties are they willing to give you feedback and help you make a good investment? Is there a cost for this?

12. Do they quote a rental price that seems way better than you expected? If so, this may be so they can get the listing. Pricing competitively and having your property in show ready condition will rent it quickly. Over pricing loses qualified tenants and keeps your property on the market much longer than needed.

Expect great service and a reliable long-term rental company relationship with Complete Management Services. We have built our business by exceeding customer expectations. Personal referral is the main source of our clients which truly shows our customers trust us and know they can send friends, family and co-workers our way and we promise to take good care of them.

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